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How to Avoid Discoloration of your Children's Teeth

Posted Dec 11th, 2015 in General Information

How to Avoid Discoloration of your Children's Teeth

Even if your child’s dental hygiene routine includes regular brushing and flossing, they are still at risk for staining and discoloration.  The reason being, discoloration is caused by both external and internal factors.  It’s best to be aware of these factors, so that you have the tools to prevent long term discoloration, and know what questions to ask when visiting your Vancouver Children's Dentist.

External factors in teeth discoloration:

·         Dark colored food and drink (Ex. Pop, juice, sports drinks)

·         Metal salts in the diet (Ex. Iron)

·         Chlorhexidine Mouthwash

·         High doses of fluoride in your tap water

Internal factors in teeth discoloration:

·         Cavities as a young child

·         Trauma to teeth

·         Certain antibiotics while teeth are developing

It’s not always going to be realistic for your child to avoid all of these external and internal factors, but there are things you can implement to lower the chances of long term discoloration, and keep their smiles healthy, white and bright throughout their development.   

6 Steps you can take to avoid teeth discoloration:

ONE  Brush, floss and rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash twice every day

TWO  Schedule a pediatric dental check-up once every six months

THREE  Give beverages to your child in drink containers with a straw (this can help keep dark colored liquids away from their teeth)

FOUR  Avoid dark colored beverages (ex. Pop, juices containing food coloring or high amounts of sugar and sports drinks)

FIVE  Choose snacks like apples, celery, and carrots (all foods that trigger saliva, a natural neutralizer of acid, which aids in preventing tooth decay and discoloration) See below for a Facebook post we shared from The Mama Papa Bubba Blog on some great lunch snacks.

More delicious lunch time inspiration! Thanks Mama. Papa. Bubba. Blog!

Posted by Smiletown Dentistry on Monday, October 26, 2015

SIX  Talk to your pediatrician about the types of medication your child should avoid during the first 12 years of their teeth development

Even if you do everything right, sometimes teeth discoloration can still occur.  To avoid teeth discoloration from causing your child grief such as self-consciousness and teasing, it’s best to take a proactive approach.  Talk to your Vancouver pediatric dentist about all your options, including whitening, crowns and other procedures they recommend.   

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