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How To Be A Better Influence On Your Children's Oral Health

Posted Jan 19th, 2016

Establish good oral habits

Spending a small amount of time, two minutes twice a day to have children brush and floss is all it takes to form a good lifetime habit. Be sure to change out toothbrushes often to maintain cleanliness, choose soft bristled ones for children to easily remove grime and buildup on teeth.

You will be supervising as they brush so check their teeth regularly for any apparent issues, for example a chipped tooth or overcrowding. Daily brushing will give your child a better understanding of their mouth and enable them to notice any issues before they become a larger issue. Schedule an appointment with a trusted and experienced Orthodontist for peace of mind about your child’s oral health.

A healthy diet

Consuming the proper foods and limiting poor choices is important to oral health as well as each person’s overall health picture. Starch and sugar laden foods are the leading cause of tooth decay depending how long they remain on teeth. These foods are going to be consumed so keep the following suggestions in mind of the best time to allow certain foods.

Offer foods containing a lot of water, such as melons, pears, celery or cucumbers. a good idea for school lunches when they are away from home. Cheese cut in cubes because a person has a larger production of saliva after eating the food particles will be washed away. Avoid chewy, sticky foods, such as dried figs, raisins or granola bars as they tend to stick to teeth and saliva will not remove them from the tooth’s surface. Serve sugary treats after meals and not as a snack, as mentioned before the saliva after eating a meal will help wash away the residue from sugary and starchy foods.

Get children in the habit of snacking as seldom as possible

Include lots of good sources of calcium, milk, yogurt, cheese and dark green leafy vegetables. Never put a child to bed with a bottle of milk, formula or soda, offer plain water instead

By encouraging your child to brush twice a day and offering them a wide variety of tasty, healthy food choices a parent is assuring their child’s teeth will last a lifetime.

Smile Town Childrens Dentist Burnaby, Langley, North Delta

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