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The 3 Best And Worst Candies You Can Give Your Child

Posted Mar 8th, 2016

There is no candy that is good for your teeth even if it falls under the heading of best candy you can give your child. However all candy is not created equal, some are less damaging to your child’s teeth so next time you indulge know how to minimize the damage after eating something sweet. Here are what our children's dentists in Vancouver deem the best and worst candies you can allow your child to eat.

Best Candies

Dark chocolate is the best indulgence by a wide margin, in fact dark chocolate may be better than fluoride at fighting tooth decay. according to several studies. There is a compound in dark chocolate that hardens tooth enamel as well as in the cocoa beans that have an antibacterial effect that has the same effect. Some Dentists include a piece of dark chocolate in their goody bags along with a toothbrush and floss.

Sugarless candy for example candy made with Stevia or candies made for Diabetics to consume. Sugar free candies do promote bacteria and upset the healthy ratio of Ph and bacteria in the mouth so they would be a second best choice. As well sugarless candies tend to have other bad chemicals in them that are detrimental to health in other ways.

Candy bars with lots of nuts break up the stickiness and it’s the stickiness that increase the chance of cavities. Having a bar with nuts to provide protein and fiber can help break up the badness off the sticky part of the candy.

Worst Candies

Anything sticky the worse it is so jujubes, tootsie rolls etc because they tend to stick around longer which increases the chance of cavities. Dried fruit is just as bad due to its’ sticky nature and high sugar content, choose real fruit which is packed with fiber and much less concentrated sugar.

Lollipops are one of the worst candies because when it comes to frequency over exposure a lollipop means prolonged exposure. Rather than consuming  the treat quickly and being able to brush and floss right away minimizing the chance of a cavity.

Gummy worms are bad because they mostly acids and acids are really bad for teeth because they wear down tooth enamel which protects teeth. Worn enamel makes it easier for teeth to be chipped or broken as well as insulating the tooth so it’s important to protect the enamel. A lack of enamel can expose the nerves of your teeth which are extremely sensitive to changes in the temperature of the things we eat and drink.

Smile Town Childrens Dentist Burnaby, Langley, North Delta

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