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How to Keep Your Kids Teeth Clean Without Fluoride

Posted May 31st, 2016

If your child ages below two years old, it’s vital that he/she be not introduced to fluoride as it's not safe for them. Any kid aged two and lower can swallow a huge amount of fluoride since it’s hard to teach them how to spit out excess toothpaste. If excess fluoride is swallowed, it may result to dental fluorosis. Fluorosis is a condition that can lead to teeth pitting or discolouration, which can cause white spots, scattered white specks or brown spots on the teeth. It may also feel rough to touch.

If you opt to skip fluoride but want to maintain your kid’s dental health, here are some effective tips you can implement:

1. Use Fluoride-Free Toothpaste

If you intend to teach your kids to brush, go for toothpaste without fluoride. Chances are you may also have to pick another kind of toothpaste if they are suffering from particular medical conditions; however, only a doctor can decide if changing toothpaste may be good for them. And, they may have absorbed enough fluoride from food, drinks, and other sources, so it’s important to talk to a health care professional about their recent fluoride intake.

2. Reduce Bacteria in the Mouth

As we all know, bacteria is the source of dental decay and cavities, so it just fit to try to reduce the bacteria present in the mouth. Bacteria grows in an acidic environment and grows by eating sugar, even natural sugar. So, decreasing your kid’s intake of foods with high sugar content, especially candies, can help the mouth not to be a perfect environment for bacterial growth.

3. Keep Teeth Clean and Plaque Free

Bacteria stick to the teeth through plaque, so it just makes sense to remove plaque from teeth. And the best way to remove plaque is by brushing. It is highly recommended that your children brush their teeth two times a day; however after each meal is ideal. It will not only remove leftover food from their mouths and remove plaque from their teeth, but it will also help alkalize the mouth and decrease bacterial growth if their toothpaste has antibacterial oils and baking soda.

4. Supplement with Calcium and Vitamin D

Two important things that can greatly help in preventing tooth decay in your kids are vitamin D and calcium. Calcium can be obtained from food and vitamin D by sun exposure.

Smile Town Childrens Dentist Burnaby, Langley, North Delta

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