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Read This Before Letting Your Children Floss

Posted Sep 20th, 2016

Parents know good oral health for your child means daily brushing followed by flossing. Recent studies have shown that more than 60% stop short of flossing on a regular basis. Brushing alone cleans the visible part of the teeth missing the spaces in between teeth where acid buildup can cause tooth decay. There are different types of floss available for specific needs so read on to find out more.

Does Your Child Have Gaps Between Their Teeth

Dental tape is a better solution to floss to clean the hard to reach spaces in between your child’s teeth. Wide and flat it’s easier for small hands to grasp with less chance for them to apply too much pressure and harm exposed gums.

Are Their Teeth Tightly Bunched

When teeth have no visible gaps it makes flossing difficult and waxed floss helps it glide easily between teeth. Thinner than dental tape be careful your child doesn’t apply too much pressure and cut their gums.

Do They Have Braces

Flossing with braces or other orthodontic device presents the challenge of reaching all the spaces and floss ends up getting shredded. Floss threaders are made especially to help those with braces to access those hard to reach places. Spongy floss is another product for those wearing braces or orthodontic devices.

Varying Spaces Between Teeth

Ultra floss with it’s waxed coating is a good choice if your child has gaps of different sizes between their teeth. This waxed floss can be stretched thin to easily slide between tightly bunched teeth and it’s width works well in larger spaces.

Most Importantly Floss Daily

Brushing twice a day is important in addition flossing every day can help your child prevent tooth decay. SmileTown Dentistry specializes in children’s dentistry throughout Vancouver and we can help parents teach their child proper brushing and flossing techniques. During your child’s checkup we can offer suggestions on proper brushing and flossing techniques or any other concerns you may have.

Smile Town Childrens Dentist Burnaby, Langley, North Delta

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