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Is Your Family Spending Enough Time Brushing?

Posted Nov 15th, 2016

It’s not a secret, to achieve a perfect smile; one must maintain proper oral health care. One effective way of doing so is to brush your teeth daily. BUT, are you doing it right?

As a general rule, you must at least brush your teeth twice a day, and every brushing session must last for at least two minutes.

The following tips below will help you and your family to provide enough time to brush every day.

Brush as a Family

Brushing together as a family is a fun, exciting activity. It means extra time is spent together with the whole family. Also, brushing simultaneously makes you all accountable for each other’s oral health. This means, no one is left behind with poor oral hygiene.

Brush after Every Meal and Floss Every Day

The whole family must brush twice a day, particularly in the morning and in the evening. Don't forget to floss too as it's the only way to clean in between teeth. Gargling using anticavity/antigingivitis rinse is also highly recommended. Doing these oral routines can eliminate food particles stuck between the teeth, which can accumulate and lead to various oral health problems.

Pay Attention to the Teeth’s Back

The backside of the teeth where your tongue is facing is the most stubborn portion to brush. Make sure that your kids are meticulous and thorough in brushing the back of the teeth, and that they maintain the right brushing practices.

Teach Kids with Good Dental Habits

Be a good example by brushing and flossing your teeth and the teeth of your kids. Kids learn a lot from their parents, from eating, dressing to using the bathroom and language skills. They can adapt your ways. With that said, practice good oral habits. The earlier parents begin their kids with good habits like brushing and flossing and choosing the right food, the more they will carry these habits when they grow up.

Smile Town Childrens Dentist Burnaby, Langley, North Delta

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